Photo: BBC

Photo: BBC

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Luke Dormehl, a freelance journalist, author and public speaker, based in the U.K. I write primarily on the subject of technology, particularly emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, VR and 3D printing -- although I've occasionally been known to veer off in a movies direction, too.

I have written four books including:

They have been reviewed in places like the New York Times, Kirkus Review of Books, Forbesand the Los Angeles Review of Books, as well as cited in Yuval Noah Harari's excellent Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Reviewing my latest book Thinking Machines, Ray Kurzweil was kind enough to write the following in the NYT:

"Luke Dormehl is the rare lay person — a journalist and filmmaker — who actually understands the science (and even the math) and is able to parse it in an edifying and exciting way. He is also a gifted storyteller who interweaves the personal stories with the broad history of artificial intelligence. I found myself turning the pages of Thinking Machines to find out what happens, even though I was there for much of it, and often in the very room."

My journalism has also appeared in Digital Trends (check out a list of my latest articles here), Fast Company, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Wired, Politico, Huffington Post, Empire, SFX, and on the Apple blog Cult of Mac.

I have delivered a keynote speech on AI at the MIT Enterprise Forum's StartSmart Conference in Poland, and spoken at events like WebSummit and at the London School of Economics. I've additionally been a (relatively) regular commentator on BBC Radio, where I was praised as a "technology expert" and will continue using this quote until something better comes along. In 2017, I was interviewed for an episode of the BBC's "Great Lives" about Steve Jobs.

You can contact me on first name last name at gmail dot com. For professional enquiries concerning my books, you might instead wish to contact my agent Maggie Hanbury of the Hanbury Agency. (Note to PRs: I love hearing from you, but do get swamped with messages, so apologies if it takes a while to respond!)